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 "I'm very happy with the trademark process... It's super fast and thorough. I will send comments of my experience online..."
Joan K., Texas

 "I can't thank you and your staff enough for the professional and speedy LLC guidance! I will be certain to look you up if the need arises in the future and for my fellow associates starting out on their own. Best wishes..."

Debbie J., Maryland

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Online Legal Document Services

Family For Families. You want an affordable way to protect your family with a living trust, a living will, or a last will. Now that is possible.
Business Man For Businesses. You want an inexpensive way to register a trademark, file for a patent, incorporate, or form a LLC. We can help.
Attorney For Attorneys. You want to expand your practice without hiring additional support personnel; or, get a referral fee. We can help.

Most Popular Legal Document Services

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LLC Incorporation Last Wills

Complete List of Legal Document Services

Family Documents Business Formation Services
Last Wills Incorporation and NON-PROFIT Services: Articles of Incorporation, Bylaws, EIN, ...
Living Wills LLC Formation Services: Articles of Organization, EIN, ...
Standard Living Trusts (Individual) Business Development Services
Standard Living Trusts (Joint) Trademark Registration
AB Living Trusts Trademark Search
Durable Power of Attorney Copyrights
Limited Power of Attorney Patent Services
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Last Wills  Living Wills   Incorporation Services: Articles of Incorporation Preparation and Filing, Corporate Bylaws, S - Corporation Application, Non-Profit Corporation, Corporation Tax ID (EIN), Minutes, and More.  LLC Formation Services: Articles of Organization, Operating Agreement, LLC Tax ID (EIN), and More. Standard Living Trusts (Individual)  Standard Living Trusts (Joint)  AB Living Trusts   Durable Power of Attorney   Limited Power of Attorney   Trademark Registration  Trademark Search   Copyrights. Patent Services  Free Limited Power of Attorney Sample. Free USPTO Trademark Application Form. What is Trademark Search?  Do I Need A Trademark? About USPTO.  Sample Articles of Incorporation Orange County Online Non-Profit Steps