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Is Legal Arrow, Inc. a law firm? No. Legal Arrow, Inc. is only a registered legal document assistant. It can only assist you in preparing and filing the legal documents you need, and provide you with general legal information written or approved by an attorney. A law firm can do more than that. For example, if you need it, a law firm can give you legal advice, represent you in court, prepare totally customized legal documents for you, etc.

Is Legal Arrow, Inc.'s legal document service a substitute for services provided by an attorney? No. Even though the legal forms we are using are written or approved by an attorney, and attorneys may choose to use the forms themselves, an attorney can do more for you. For example, if you need it, an attorney can give you legal advice, represent you in court, prepare totally customized documents for you, etc.

But I don't understand: wasn't Legal Arrow, Inc. founded by an attorney? Yes, it was. The founder of Legal Arrow, Inc. is a licensed California attorney. In fact, he continues to use his legal expertise daily for the benefit of the corporation by acting as one of its officers. This is in fact the difference: an attorney may act in capacities other than that of an attorney. Here, he acts and interacts with the public as an officer of a business corporation which provides legal document services. He does not act as an attorney in a law firm, or as someone's attorney, period.

What types of legal documents can I prepare and/or file using Legal Arrow, Inc.'s services? We can prepare and/or file for you several categories and types of legal documents, from wills and living trusts, to incorporation packages and trademark applications. We are continuously adding more legal documents to our online service. For a complete list visit our home web page.

How are Legal Arrow, Inc.'s prices comparing with those charged by a law firm or an attorney? The prices we charge for our legal document preparation and filing services are a small fraction of what and attorney or a law firm would charge for the same or a similar legal document or procedure. You can see our prices here.

How does it work? Are you just sending me legal forms for me to fill in? No. We prepare the entire document for you, and provide you with clear instructions on how to finalize your legal document (signature, etc). You only have to answer a few simple questions here on our web site. The questions are written in plain English for the particular document you choose. We also provide you with step-by-step information to guide you while you answer the questions. We (1)  review your responses, and (2) prepare your document to reflect your responses and the law of your state. More about Process and Our Promise.

I am concerned about the privacy and security of my personal information. How are you protecting my personal information? We are as concerned  as you are, and that's why we have adopted and implemented strong privacy and security policies. See our Privacy Policy and Security Policy.



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