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  1. Legal Arrow, Inc. ("LegalArrow") is serious about online security. We are committed to protect your personal and financial information according to the standard degree of care. We have systems and procedures in place designed to keep your personal and financial information secure online. We use a dual security approach as explained below.

  2. First, we use security technology - SSL - to securely transmit your personal information from our website to the secure server which hosts it. The SSL Certificate is provided by a trusted name in online security, Network Solutions. The encryption technology is used on all the web pages which contain a questionnaire for you to fill out an submit to us. Just look for the https: address type and the lock sign in your browser's address bar. This ensures that your personal information you submit to us travels securely through the internet to our secure hosting server.

  3. Secondly, we do not collect your credit or debit card information. Your payment by credit or debit card is processed securely by a leader in online payments, PayPal, on their secure website. You do not have to own or to open a PayPal account. You can pay with your debit or credit card. They use the latest security technology - Extended Validation SSL -  to protect your financial information. You will see the https: in the address bar of your browser. That's your assurance that you are interacting with a secure web page. Furthermore, if you are using an enabling browser, like Internet Explorer 7, you should also see the address bar colored in green.   You can see a page sample, with the https: and the green bar, and review PayPal's privacy policy here.

  4. If you have any questions or concerns regarding our security policy, please contact us by using our contact page or by writing to us at:

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