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LegalArrow® Incorporation Services

 Create a C - Corporation, S-Corporation, Professional Corporation, or a Non-Profit Corporation  

General Incorporation Steps and Corresponding Services


+ state filing fee



Package & Save

(Step 1 - State Filing) Basic Incorporation Service.  $99  Learn More ¯ 
(Step 2 - Bylaws) Corporate Bylaws Preparation. $55   Learn More  ¯
(Step3 - Corporation EIN) Federal Tax ID (EIN) Application - Prep. & Filing.  $65   Learn More ¯
(Step 4 - Initial Directors) 3 Documents for the First Meeting of the Board of Directors: Incorporator’s Statement, Waiver of Notice and Consent to Hold First Meeting of Board of Directors, and Minutes of the Board of Directors First Meeting - $39   Learn More ¯
(Step 5 - Issue of Shares - C, S, and Professional Corporations Only) 10 Custom Common Stock Certificates & Info About Issue of Shares. $36   Learn More ¯

Optional/Specific Steps and Corresponding Services

Expedite Filing Service.  $85     Learn More ¯ 

   Processing Times   

Federal Tax ID (EIN) Application - Preparation Only. $35     Learn More ¯
Federal S - Corporation Election Application - Preparation Only. $49     Learn More ¯
Federal S - Corporation Election Application - Preparation & Filing. $69     Learn More ¯
Professional Corporation Administrative Fee. $50     Learn More ¯
Non-profit Status IRS 501 (c) 3 application preparation service. $450*      Learn More ¯

*Please note that the preparation fee charged by LegaArrow® does not include the IRS filing fee of $300 or $750, depending on whether the organization's annual gross receipts exceeded or will exceed $10,000.

Registered Agent - Annual Fee (Most people don't need this). $175      Learn More ¯
More Options. At LegalArrow® you have choices. After you complete our online incorporation questionnaire, you can customize your order at check-out. You can order one incorporation service, two or more services, or you can choose one of our three incorporation packages and save. It's your choice.

To Create a S - Corporation:


To Create a Professional Corporation:


To Create a Non-Profit Corporation:



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