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1. Incorporation State*:                      

2. Corporation Type*:            

3. Corporation Name*: 

                1st Choice:  

                2nd Choice:

                3rd Choice: 

4. Corporation Principal Business Activity*:


5. Corporation Principal Business Address*:

        Street Address: 




        Zip Code:        

6. Corporation Registered Agent*:

                         Option 1: I appoint the following person as Registered Agent:


                Street Address:



                State:                Must be the Incorporation State.

                Zip Code:         

      Option 2 ($175): Appoint a Registered Agent for me.

7. Corporation Directors*:

    Director No.1   Name:    


    Director No.2   Name:   


    Director No.3   Name:   


    Other Directors:

8. Corporation Officers*:

    President/CEO   Name:     

    Treasurer/CFO   Name:     

    Secretary            Name:     

    Other Officers:              

9. Authorization of Shares*:

   Number of Shares:          

   Par Value:                   

10. Custom Incorporation Package Features:

        a.Expedite Filing Service               (state average turnaround time: 2-5 business days).

           b.Federal Tax ID (EIN) Application - Preparation Only

                            Officer's Name:


                            Phone #:         

                            Fax #:              

                            Personal Service Corporation? 

                            Trade Name:      

                            Closing Month of Tax Year:

                            First Day to Pay Wages:

                                      Highest Number of Employees in the Next 12 Months:




        c. Federal Tax ID (EIN) Application - Preparation & Filing

        d.Federal S - Corporation Election Application - Preparation

                  Shareholder #1   Name:

                         Number of Shares:

                  Shareholder #2   Name:

                         Number of Shares:

                        More Shareholders?            

        e.Federal S - Corporation Election Application - Preparation & Filing

        f. Corporate Bylaws - Preparation

                        Date of Shareholders Annual Meeting:

                        Time of Shareholders Annual Meeting:

        g.Minutes of the Board of Directors First Meeting - Form & Instructions

        h.10 Blank Common Stock Certificate & Info About How to Issue Shares in Your State

        i. Minutes of the Shareholders Meeting - Form & Instructions


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DETAILS. * Please provide details below. You may be entitled to a refund (up to 5%) according to the partnership agreement, if any, we may have entered into with the partner who helped you find us. If not applicable, please type n/a.

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