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Who chooses this Package:

  • Start-ups and small businesses on a  limited budget which want to reduce the risk that their trademark registration will be denied by the USPTO.

+ $325 USPTO Fee
We review your answers to our online trademark questionnaire for completeness, common errors, and consistency. ü
We contact you if additional information or clarification is needed before we start preparing your trademark application. ü


Trademark Risk Level:

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See our GoldPlus Package for a lower risk level.






100% Satisfaction Guarantee.  See Details.

We make a 'direct conflict' search  of your word trademark on the USPTO website and inform you if there is an exact match. ü
We convert your specimen, logo, or design in the electronic format required by the USPTO. ü
We prepare your electronic trademark application to reflect your responses and the USPTO requirements. ü
From the USPTO website, your prepared electronic trademark application is sent to your e-mail for your review and electronic signature. ü
We complete your order by filing your signed trademark application electronically with the USPTO. You receive immediate confirmation directly from USPTO including a serial number assigned to your trademark application. ü
We guarantee to complete the whole process within 48 hours (two business days).  ü
Extensive Federal (USPTO) Trademark Search - a $89 value (before filing, we do the following):
  • Search for similar active and registered word federal trademarks. (Separate fee applies for design/logo searches; this means that if your trademark is just a logo/design, and you'll want us to search just for that design, an additional $50 will have to be added to the Gold or GoldPlus Package; if your mark is a combination of word(s) and design and you want us to search for both, our full design search fee of $119 will have to be added. ).
  • Search for similar inactive word federal trademarks.
  • Use of wildcards, and other search techniques to uncover similar word/standard characters trademarks.
  • Within 48 Hours a report including the search results is sent to you for your consideration before we file your application.
  • You also receive a free LegalArrow® Guide to help you understand the search results.
  • If after reviewing the search report, you decide not to move forward with filing the trademark application, you'll only be charged $89, the price for the Extensive USPTO Trademark Search; you'll get a refund of $425.

Do I need this?

The goal of the search for similar trademarks is to give you a larger picture -before filing - of what potentially conflicting trademarks are already in the USPTO record. It allows you to make a more informed decision about the likelihood that the registration of your trademark will be successful. In other words, you decrease the risk that your trademark application will be denied because your trademark conflicts with already registered trademarks. Learn more about trademark searches on our Trademarks FAQ page.


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