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Our Last Will Package Includes:

Your Last Will aprox. 5 pages ü
Guide for You aprox. 3 pages ü
Guide for your will Executor aprox. 5 pages ü

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Why LegalArrow®?


Easy Process to Make a Valid Will


You Order

  • Complete the Wills Questionnaire: answer  plain - English questions listed in the online wills questionnaire. Step-by-step detailed information is available to help you make the right choices. Securely (SSL) SUBMIT your answers to us. We respect your Privacy.
  • Make Secure (SSL) Payment . That's it. We take care of the rest for you.

We Execute

  • We do not just send you a legal form for you to struggle with. We actually prepare your will carefully.
  • We REVIEW your responses for completeness, consistency, and common errors.
  • We PREPARE your  will to reflect your responses and the law of your state.

We Mail

  • 48 Hours Guarantee: we prepare your will and we mail it to you within 48 hours after you complete your order.
  • Free Shipping is included.
  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranty.
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