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 INSTANT Limited Power of Attorney - $9.75

- authorize someone you trust to  manage your specific affaires when you are temporary unavailable. Now only $9.75 with LegalArrow® Instant Document Technology (IDT) TM.

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Step 1: Questionnaire

  • Answer a few simple questions listed below and SUBMIT. [You'll need a valid email address to receive your instantly prepared document].
  • Our LegalArrow® Instant Document Technology (IDT) TM will use your answers to the questionnaire below to prepare your document using a LegalArrow® applicable legal document form, which was previously written by an attorney. Your fully prepared and ready to sign document will be sent to your email address  immediately after  payment.

Step 2: Payment

  • SUBMIT Payment - $9.75

Please Note: At the end, the shopping cart will ask you for shipping information as it was designed to do so for all products. However, as promissed, this Instant - prepared and ready-to-sign document - will be delivered to your email address as a .pdf attachment immediately after you complete the payment. Thus, please ensure that your email address is entered correctly in the questionnaire below.

Step 3: Instant Document Delivery - Check Your Email

  • Check your email. Your prepared document will be attached to your order confirmation email in .pdf format ready for you to print and sign/formalize following the included guide.
  • If you 'll need to edit your document, you can do so for FREE for 24 hours. Just follow the link at the bottom of the confirmation email and enter your order number on the screen that follows. 

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