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 Our Promise:  comprehensive, yet affordable legal document preparation and filing services.



  • Expand your small practice by adding business formation services, trademark registration and search services, or other legal services, without expending additional resources. Use LegalArrow® to prepare and file your clients' legal documents, charge your clients, and pay us our small fee.
  • Or, refer outright to us prospective clients interested in the legal document services we offer. We will do all the work by working directly with them and we will pay you monthly a referral fee representing 15% of the completed orders placed by those clients.
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Do you have an established website? Place our ads on your website for your visitors to click on. Collect a monthly check from us representing 15% commission applied to the completed orders placed by your website visitors.

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"... how do you put to work an experience like mine for the benefit of a large number of fellow Americans? The answer is an online site offering free legal information and a legal document service designed to help families and businesses solve common legal matters."

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